A few things that make me smile :)

Owls in love
1. I love owls
2. Anything animal that is snuggling with another animal is the cutest

Cheesy smiles.
My nephew Kaleb is wonderful!

Fun socks!
I don't own a pair of plain white socks, they are so boring. 
(Note I don't have anything against people who wear them, we can still be friends!)

Baby bowling shoes
Aren't they the cutest?

Awkward poses
Our cat Tux has the best sleeping positions.
Personally I don't think it looks that comfortable...

My wonderful nieces
We were so excited to welcome the newest addition to our family.
Her name is Aliyah, she is the sweetest baby ever!
I love her lots! :)

Paisley is soooo cute. We've become pals lately.
Her smile can make anyone smile. (And I mean it!)

My nephew
Right now he loves basketball (if you couldn't tell)
He has us all laughing constantly, he is so silly!
I love it! :)

Baby kitties

We have three at our house right now and I make at least
one trip a day into the garage to see them (ok it usually is more than one)

Honestly doesn't that make you smile?