and a happy new year

a new year is just around the corner, so crazy.
this past year has been such a good one.
it was full of fun adventures with new and old friends.
i learned so much and grew a ton (mentally and emotionally).
i'm ready to make this next year even better.

this year i will...
*come to know Christ more
*be more charitable and service minded
*cut back on diet coke
*cut back on technology
*read more (classics especially)
*be healthy
*learn to crochet and knit
*learn to play the ukulele (got one for christmas!) 
*save money
*sing all the time
*decide on a major
*be happy :)


Chin Up Butter Cup

Do you ever feel extremely stressed and overwhelmed, and it seems like there is no way out? You can't seem to figure out what you can do to make yourself happy again and you start to panic. 

It is such an awful feeling

Then you remind yourself that everything will be ok. Life will go on and sometime soon (most likely tomorrow or even sooner) you will be so extremely happy.
Life is wonderful and beautiful.


Once upon a time in West Yellowstone...

So for anyone who doesn't know I moved to West Yellowstone to work here

at the Playmill Theater.
It has been so much fun! Ever since I was a little girl I've dreamt of working here and now my dream has come true! I love it :)
The cast is soamazing. I feel so blessed to be able to work with so many wonderful and talented people. We all have so much fun together. :)

We take midnight trips to see Old Faithful

One of the laundry mats in town has the bigger dryers ever!

And we have ten minute dance parties :)

We started rehearsing in May and now that all three shows are opened we are done. I have to admit I am a little sad about that for two reasons. 1. It was through rehearsing that we all bonded and became close friends and 2. It means that the summer is pretty much half way over :( I will be sad once September comes but I plan to live it up until then! If you have a free night make a trip to West Yellowstone and come see me!


A few things that make me smile :)

Owls in love
1. I love owls
2. Anything animal that is snuggling with another animal is the cutest

Cheesy smiles.
My nephew Kaleb is wonderful!

Fun socks!
I don't own a pair of plain white socks, they are so boring. 
(Note I don't have anything against people who wear them, we can still be friends!)

Baby bowling shoes
Aren't they the cutest?

Awkward poses
Our cat Tux has the best sleeping positions.
Personally I don't think it looks that comfortable...

My wonderful nieces
We were so excited to welcome the newest addition to our family.
Her name is Aliyah, she is the sweetest baby ever!
I love her lots! :)

Paisley is soooo cute. We've become pals lately.
Her smile can make anyone smile. (And I mean it!)

My nephew
Right now he loves basketball (if you couldn't tell)
He has us all laughing constantly, he is so silly!
I love it! :)

Baby kitties

We have three at our house right now and I make at least
one trip a day into the garage to see them (ok it usually is more than one)

Honestly doesn't that make you smile?