And they called it puppy love

Dreams do come true just incase you wanted to know.

Meet Bronte
 I have wanted a puppy for the past 19 years. I ask for one ever year for Christmas and for my Birthday. The asking was always done in vain. That is why I was so surprised when my mom mentioned a dog that her friend needed to give away. I was even more surprised when my dad didn't say no. I guess persistence really does pay off in the long run. I finally have a puppy and she is wonderful. She watches movies with me, rides in my car when I need to make a quick trip into town, and sleeps on my bed. I love it!

Isn't she adorable?


  1. Sara, I am so happy you have a blog! Now I can keep up with you cute face! So happy you got a puppy, she is darn cute, loved your blog! So happy you are happy!

  2. Thank goodness for technology! Now that we are growing up and moving away we can keep in contact and know what is going on :) I love it!! I will for sure check your blog out too :)