I was made for sunny days

As I got home from work tonight I realized I was happier than I would normally be on a day such as today (not that today was a bad day, it was just not the most eventful). I would like to say that, generally, I am a happy person. But today I almost felt giddy. A giddy that usually only happens after I've been kissed or I just bought new clothes, shoes, jewelry, or socks. This got me thinking, "What was it about today that brought this on?" Then I realized.

Today was beautiful. 

Mister Sun came out to say hello and warm up this world :)
I always get so excited for summer. I love swimming, snow cones, green grass, bon fires, and yes even getting sun burnt; but the main reason I get excited is just the feeling that comes with summer. For me it seems like life is better from May until September. Stress doesn't come around as often and everyone seems to let their hair down a little. 

So that is the reason for my giddiness. It was a physical confirmation that yes, the sun is coming out and summer will follow.

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